Lavazza UK TV Commercial Voiceover

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Lavazza UK TV Commercial Voiceover

Lavazza TV CommercialsA recent project I have been working on and proud to be a part of has been airing recently on UK TV channels for Lavazza coffee. It marks not just a major advertising campaign for the coffee brand, but also a partnership with Liverpool FC and Arsenal FC.


The Lavazza UK TV Commercial is one which I have been working on for some 6 months, and at one point I was the voice of every character you see in the final ad. My part is the tag line at the end and amounts to around 5 seconds, but I am there!

There is also a separate version which runs at the Emirates Stadium during all Arsenal home matches. This promotes Lavazza being the exclusive coffee available in the food and drink outlets, and features some of their players in the creative.

So keep your eyes peeled as it is on quite a bit, and should you find yourself at an Arsenal or Liverpool football match then you may find it there too.

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