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On Hold & Telephone Services

On Hold ImageAs a trusted voice for businesses all over the world I know that first impressions matter, and that’s one of the many reasons that having a professional sounding voice for your IVR or On Hold system is a must.

A voice doesn’t just give instructions and messages to your customers, it also projects a mood, and a feeling about the things your business stands for.

Companies I am the voice of include E.On, Princess Cruises, Butlins, Villa Plus, CEF and many more.

I can voice your messages in a style to suit your business, be that corporate, more conversational, chatty, and even with a genuine northern twang too. Indeed I voice telephone messaging for a wide variety of clients, from builders warehouse chains, to solicitors, car showrooms and electrical wholesalers to name a few, I’m sure I can offer you a style to suit you.

If you have a telephone system which can take On Hold messaging, then that’s all you need. You provide the script, (and if you need help and guidance with this I would be happy to assist) and then I voice the lines and give you the audio file in a format suitable to upload to your system.

For more info or to discuss further just drop me a message, ian@ianbrannan.com

Just get in touch for more info!

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