Presenter Coaching

Coaching, is it for me?

Maybe you’ve been sending out demo tapes and wondering why you’re not getting anywhere. Perhaps you’re looking to move your act up a notch from a hobby to being a pro. With some presenter coaching you could improve your show, and your career. 

I’ve been in professional radio over 20 years, and have worked in pretty much every area of the industry at some point, most recently in programming management at a large commercial radio station. Over that relatively short time I have worked with some of the best talent in UK radio, and along the way been nominated and won a number of Sony Radio Academy Awards. I have also been lucky enough to spend time with and learn from some of the World’s leading radio experts about how to improve your game in most aspects of the business, right from radio production to management.

Presenter coaching is NOT about nit picking or hauling anyone over the coals for doing something wrong. Nor is it about teaching you how to suck eggs. This is about you, and how you can maximise your own potential and get to where you want to be in the future.

  • I’m a qualified workplace coach with an ILM Level 3 coaching award.  I believe this backed up with my own vast knowledge of the radio industry can make a huge difference to how you as a presenter see yourself, and give you a clear vision of how to achieve your long term and short term goals.

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The benefits

This can come in a number of forms, we can work remotely or via the internet. Or location depending we can meet in person.

This is aimed at both those starting out, and experienced “jobbing” freelancers, or anyone who feels they have things to achieve and don’t know how to get there. OR you work in a business where presenting is part of the job, and you want to make them better!

  • Help improving your demo
  • Show critiques (but in a positive way) How to make good things great!
  • How to make the most of the skills you have
  • Create more time in your working day
  • Increase the amount of strings to your bow
  • Help improve corporate presentation/public speaking delivery

That’s just a few ideas of things we could do, really what happens and where we go is led by you.

Ethically, I feel a bit uneasy coaching you on presentation if you’re in full time employment with a radio station. Your Programme Controller should be doing this, and if they’re not then first ask them why…! (Bit of free advice there) However I realise you may work (as I do) freelance and perhaps miss that regular support for 1 to 1’s to improve your overall game, and in turn get improve you career.

If you think I could help you, just get in touch via this website for a no obligation chat to find out more.


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