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One Voice Awards Nominations

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2 Nominations, though one with a difference…One Voice Awards

The shortlist for the One Voice Awards have been revealed and I’m pleased to say that my name appears not once but twice! I’m nominated in the category for “Best Radio Promo Voiceover Performance”. Which is particularly exciting as radio imaging is the area of voiceover I first got started in way back when. The audio I submitted was a short compilation of work voiced for Nation Radio in Wales and produced by Devaweb.

The second nomination I have received is a little more offbeat, in “Best Outtake Of The Year”.  Now clearly this is for work which has never really seen the light of day. Of course 99% of the time everything runs like clockwork, scripts are rehearsed and delivered without incident. Occasionally a script catches you out, when I had to voice a commercial for the “Cock Inn”, well that’s all you need to know.

One Voice Conference

The One Voice Awards are part of an exciting new conference for voiceovers later this year in London. It’s called the One Voice Conference and takes place in the Docklands area of the city. Based on the American voice over festivals it promises to bring together voiceovers to learn about a variety of subjects. Plus great networking and social opportunities too of which these awards are a part of.

It’s the brainchild of one of Britain’s most well known voiceovers Peter Dickson (X Factor and more) and Hugh Edwards, a casting director and producer.  Together they also run Gravy for The Brain, a site dedicated to supporting and educating voiceovers at all stages of their careers.


2015, The Future Year On Back To the Future

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Happy new year first and foremost! And here we are in 2015, the year depicted in Back To The Future 2 with Michael J Fox riding around on a hover board and trainers that do themselves up.

However, you know what, take a look at this video, they we’re too far wide of the mark…

In the meantime, we’ll just have to make do with Velcro…

New Radio Station Imaging Showreel

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Springtime is here, the flowers are coming up in the garden, the evenings are lighter, and a glorious new Radio Imaging showreel has sprouted too..!

Take a listen here


And if you like what you hear, just get in touch & we can chat some more..



Upsetting One Direction Fans Whilst Asleep

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As well as providing the many voice over treats around the world, I am also a radio presenter. I do Real Radio Hometime on Real Radio in Yorkshire.

Every week the aim is to try and snare some celeb or other, and recently we had a visit from ex Westlife man Brian McFadden. What he said  during the interview with me has grabbed some headlines after he tipped Niall Horan to be the first to quit 1D.  

It just shows the power of One Direction though. If this was about most other bands then the interest at most may make a couple of lines, but such is their current power you wake up to requests for further info from all over the world.

However it seems the people of Australia will be seeing my snazzy xmas jumper in the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

Snazzy Xmas Jumper Goes Viral

Ian & Brian met to compare knitwear

See the interview on Digital Spy here

We also managed to get on the huge Kyle & Jackie O Show, the Breakfast Show on Sydney’s 2Day Fm (Yip that 2Day FM) I don’t think it gets much better than that to be honest!