Winner !

So ….. 

Awards night happened. Nominated for Best Radio Commercial, Male Voiceover Artist of the Year, and Best Outtake at the One Voice Awards, Ian was pipped at the post for the first two, but was fourth time victorious, in the best outtake category. 

Here he is in all his winning glory, completely unable to deliver the line “Thank you for calling Incontinance Supermarket … please hold 

Ian Brannan the undisputed King of the Cock Up. 

If you’re consistently winning awards for laughing and enjoying your work, then that is no bad thing in my eyes. 

Meanwhile, whilst Ian was living the high life in the Big Smoke, enjoying 3 course meals at The Hilton, the Littlest Voiceover and I enjoyed a picnic in the field nearby our house. A field in which she got stung by a nettle within her first few steps on the grass. 

The ensuing screams would have been more at home on a battle-field than a picnic-field. 

The much looked forward to picnic was subsequently consumed via a wobbly lip and accompanied by a hastily found and administered doc leaf to the foot. It also had to be enjoyed in character. Amber is 5, and loves a bit of role play, I was barely allowed to break character all weekend. If I tried I was hastily reminded, “no you’re not Mammy, you’re Anna remember !” Amber of course was Elsa. Frozen is having a renaissance, after Encanto briefly reigned supreme, it’s all change and we’re back to the old frosty favourite. However, I have to report there’s only so much Frozen role play a woman in her 40’s can endure.

Administering a doc leaf, asking what she wants for Breakfast, wrapping a birthday present, Facetiming with Daddy (Olaf!), requesting she tidies away the shoes she (Elsa!) has scattered across the house (Arendelle), all has to be done in the style of a Disney Princess, faux American accent et al. That is, if it’s to be done without complaint or resistance. 48 hours of relentless Elsa and Anna role play … surely it’s me that deserves an award ! 

The Incontinence King was due home Sunday afternoon, and we were onto the millionth re-enactment of Elsa’s ascent up the North mountain, the littlest Voiceover strangling her vocal cords belting out Let it Goooooooooo, when I spotted Ian’s car, I was thrilled. Thrilled he was home after being away from home most of the week with Speedway & the One Voice Awards …. But mostly thrilled that “Olaf” could now shoulder some of the role play burden. 

And so Anna ran off for a quiet bath, whilst Elsa bossed around a tired and emotional Olaf, who just wanted to sit down and enjoy a warm hug. 

So if you’re looking for a voice over this week, we’re now specialising in a northern male voice who can’t hold it in, and a child voice over who just wants to Let it Go. 

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