Corporate Voiceovers

We offer a wide range of corporate voiceovers, including corporate videos, explainer videos, on hold / IVR voiceovers, e learning, event hosting and Voice of God production.

Professional and formal, friendly and relaxed, or conversational, we will reflect your organisation with the right tone.

Corporate & Explainer Videos

Videos engage people with your content, adding a voiceover to your video turbocharges it. Keeping people on your website longer and helping to build up rapport and trust in your brand.

I work with clients all over the world, large and small on a variety of corporate projects, from Formula 1 to banking, aviation to automotive.

You produce the visuals – animated or live action, and Ian will provide the voice over to bring it to life. 

On Hold and IVR Voiceovers

Put your customers at ease, navigate their call and greet them with a consistent and professional welcome when they call you.

Currently Ian answers over 100,000 calls a week in the UK alone..! 

We offer professional and customised on hold voiceovers with a fast turnaround when you have an urgent message.


Voice Of God

A “Voice Of God” voiceover brings your awards ceremony to life, with an authoritative voice announcing award nominees and winners & introducing hosts and speakers to your stage. 

This service can be provided ‘Live” at your event, which also give greater flexibility to make announcements to your guests ad hoc as required in addition to scripted intros. Messages can also be pre recorded, and played out by your event production team on the night.

E Learning

Producing your own E learning courses ensures your staff training is consistent, and in line with your brand goals and values every time. Allowing your staff to manage their learning goals and navigate their training at their own pace.

You provide the visuals, and Ian will bring it to life with a voiceover that engages and upholds your corporate values.