Podcast Production

With over 21 million listeners in the UK alone and growing. Podcasts build a personal connection between you, your organisation and your audience to help establish brand authority.

It’s true anyone can start a podcast, but we are able to share over 25 years of professional radio production experience, to help create a podcast for your business that really stands out.

We have a state of the art studio in Sunderland, an acoustically treated oasis of quiet where we can host and record 2 or 3 guests in full professional quality. 

Or we can bring the recording to your location too, with recording equipment and microphones to setup a recording in your offices, at a conference or event, even outdoors. (we have successfully recorded at one of the most remote locations in England!)

We can also record high definition audio and video online, giving much better results than Zoom, but allowing guests to be connected wherever they are in the world.

If you already have your audio recorded and need help with editing, or even polishing up some slightly dodgy recordings (it happens to us all) then we have the skills and a range of tools to help out!

Have a listen to some of the podcasts we’ve produced:

Why Small Business Matters

Kielder Observatory Podcast

No Brakes No Fear Official British Speedway Podcast

We are experts in podcast creation, production and management. From conception to launch – we can manage the whole process, with expert guidance throughout. Or if all you need is a voice to present your podcast, then Ian can do that too.

We produce regular podcasts across a variety of topics, including Kielder Observatory’s monthly series, British Speedway’s official podcast “No Brakes No Fear” which launched at Number One on Apple’s Sports News Charts. And Why Small Business Matters, in partnership with Northumbria University

We also offer Enterprise Podcasts as a solution specifically for internal communication, for larger organisations wanting to connect more meaningfully with staff.

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