Start a podcast for your business

Here at Ian Brannan Ltd we are an audio production company, specialising in podcast production.

Podcasts are great way to connect with your audience, position you with brand authority, aid brand recall and loyalty.

Podcasts have a global audience of 485 million people. Audiences have grown 30% since 2019 in the UK.

So if you’re not podcasting … you should be !

Podcasts give you the space and time to showcase your offering, and give your brand a personality. They’re a great content generator too, tying in with your social marketing.

Podcasts build on the intimate listening relationship that radio excels in. People listen to podcasts for company, usually when they’re doing something else; driving, doing housework, running or relaxing. You have your audience’s ear – they want to know more about a topic, or keep up to date with the news, or they want to learn, be entertained or have a laugh. It’s a captive audience.

Invite guests on to your podcast, a great opportunity to cross promote and expose your brand to a wider audience.

Don’t know where to start ? 

That’s where we come in, we are experts in podcast production. We can help with designing the artwork for your podcast, provide music and create a bespoke sonic brand for your business, as well as produce video for crossover marketing.

We can record in our state of the art studio, or remotely.

And Ian is an award winning voice over to give your podcast that professional presentation.

We can advise on the best hosting and advise on marketing your podcast to maximise impact.

Sounds easy ? We make the process easy.

If you want to find out more, get in touch …


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