Lavazza UK TV Commercial Voiceover

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Lavazza UK TV Commercial Voiceover

Lavazza TV CommercialsA recent project I have been working on and proud to be a part of has been airing recently on UK TV channels for Lavazza coffee. It marks not just a major advertising campaign for the coffee brand, but also a partnership with Liverpool FC and Arsenal FC.


The Lavazza UK TV Commercial is one which I have been working on for some 6 months, and at one point I was the voice of every character you see in the final ad. My part is the tag line at the end and amounts to around 5 seconds, but I am there!

There is also a separate version which runs at the Emirates Stadium during all Arsenal home matches. This promotes Lavazza being the exclusive coffee available in the food and drink outlets, and features some of their players in the creative.

So keep your eyes peeled as it is on quite a bit, and should you find yourself at an Arsenal or Liverpool football match then you may find it there too.

For more info on how I can work with your company or brand, on anything from TV commercials, to corporate projects or your on hold messaging, feel free to contact me via this site.


Max Verstappen & Exact

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Virtual F1

Max Verstappen has enjoyed a tremendous Formula 1 season behind the wheel of his Red Bull car. But what has given the Dutchman the advantage? Well part of his success surely is thanks to the mixed reality software his partner Exact have created. Meaning we has the feel of racing the car, whilst getting to know each circuit without using a drop of fuel. This is important as real world practice and testing times are quite limited in the sport.

I’m proud to have been asked to provide the voiceover on a series of films looking behind the scenes at this technology. And you can see some of the results below.


Blog: Teesside Caravans TV Voiceover

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Teesside Caravans TV Voiceover

TV voiceover

It’s the time of year where everything is awakening from the winter slumber.. The Daffodils are appearing, buds breaking through on the trees, everything is gradually getting warmer.

Not least, Britain’s millions of caravaners are dusting down the ‘van ready for another season of get aways..!

Here’s a nice little commercial I have voiced which has recently aired in the northeast UK Tyne Tees region at the moment for Teesside Caravans. There’s a warm and friendly holiday vibe to this one, hope you enjoy!

Short on time? Here’s a showreel in 30 secs!

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Free RAJAR Promo!

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Done well in RAJAR?


Want to kind of shout about it but forgot to arrange something / didn’t know where to start?

Here is something generic which could work for you… It’s totally free, in return please just spread the word!

Next time (or even this time!) if you’d like something a little more customised then you know where to come!